Saturday, April 28, 2012

High Point

Last week Gwen and I attended the International Home Furnishings Show in High Point, North Carolina.  Although we have been to the show many times, this is the first time in the past three years that we have gone, so we were excited to see the changes and new trends.  We drove, dividing the trip down into two days so that we could do some antiquing on the way.   

Here is one of the antique malls that we stopped in on our first driving day. 

And here is another antique mall in West Virginia, where we each found some treasures for the shop. (We are already shopping for Portobello Road!)

The displays in High Point are always extravagant and eye-catching.  The one above portrayed a framed picture, where one of the models was actually live!  (What a tiring job that must be to stand there motionless all day!)

These chairs in every color were made of seat belt straps.

This is one of Gwen's favorite showrooms, which specializes in camp, cottage and Western decor, including lots of really great vintage accessories.

Several showrooms featured an up-and-coming color scheme of turquoise and lime green.

One of our favorite showrooms was that of Barclay Butera, a designer who specializes in the coastal look.  The rooms above utilizes red, white and blue in a cottage-y and fresh way, without looking patriotic.  In his room below, the four-poster bed sports a canopy of mosquito netting.

Here Gwen and I were fortunate to attend a book-signing by Barclay Butera for his new book Living on the Coast, which we should have in our shop by the end of next week. Using a distinctive balance of vibrant colors and sunwashed hues, he fashions cheerful, elegant, relaxed yet refined spaces that have become his signature style.  

An interesting wall display made of overlapping coat hangers covered in different colored tissue papers made an impact in this showroom.

And in the same showroom, another interesting wall display uses open, dried paint cans in every color mounted on the wall!

Tangerine Tango (2012 Color of the Year) was apparent in many showrooms, as evidenced by these pictures. Note the large artwork.  The trend seems to be very large artwork, in very simple groupings.

More Tangerine Tango mixed with grey.

A unique bed for a cottage or lodge, this twin bed is made of stacked firewood, topped with a board and mattress......a fun do-it-yourself project.

A pretty room in blue and white against emerald green walls.,...lots of white keeps it fresh and crisp.

The trends in general ----- large artwork and accessories; more color than the past couple of years, including orange, turquoise, and all shades of green; white-washed and light, grey woods; the industrial look; still lots of burlap, linen and off-white canvas fabrics; striped rugs and very worn-looking rugs.  We ordered lots of new things, which should start arriving as soon as next week.  Stop in soon and often to see all the latest!

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  1. Looks like you had a great old time - Love the turquoise and lime fact my bags for spring/summer are turquoise and my ribbon is turquoise (2 shades) and lime green....looks like I am right in style for once!!!