Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gracious Groupings

Although the current trend in wall decor seems to be one or two very large pieces of artwork, I have to admit I still love an interesting, well-displayed grouping of many pieces.   Providing lots to look at and many places to display the personality and interests of the room's owner, a grouping can fill any size wall.  The grouping above is unified by using all black and white art, with a few three-dimensional items for interest. 

The easiest type of grouping to create is the symmetrical grouping, matching each piece with another of the same type and size on the opposite side. The grouping above is a great example of a symmetrical grouping, using varying sizes of artwork, but arranged to perfectly balance each side.  Don't you love how they started by hanging an oval mirror over the plate glass mirror above the mantel?

This grouping, by Charlotte Moss,  is also very symmetrical, using shelves on each side to add dimension.  She could have stopped with simply the set of four botanicals, but by adding some items to both the top and the sides, it became much more interesting!

If you have a trio of pieces, this is a good way to hang them, making a triangle of them, and then filling in the spaces symmetrically with smaller pieces.

This grouping is unified by its subject matter --- with all of the artwork portraying dogs.

I love the way the artwork floats around the top of this bookcase/cabinet, totally surrounding it!

Even narrow walls can be used to display an interesting grouping, as in the two photos above. 

The two groupings above are so interesting because they have so many different elements ---- mirrors, clocks, pictures, shelves, sconces, etc.  Balance is key when hanging so many disparate items --- both balancing the size and the importance of each item.  Start with the largest items, and work outward with the smaller items.  And always work with the piece of furniture they relate to,  and the accessories on that piece of furniture.  Fill in the empty spaces, but allow the accessories below to hold their own.

In the two photos above, groupings of several different oils paintings are both classic and elegant.

And the simplest type of grouping, but very effective, is to use a set of several companion pictures hung as one unit, evenly spaced both vertically and horizontally.

We are happy to help you anytime with a grouping for your room --- be it classic or transitional.  We can begin with pieces that you have, and add to them, or start from scratch.  It helps to bring in a picture of the space(s) you are trying to fill and color swatches of anything already in the room.  Why don't you add a new grouping to your home today?!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Calm, Cool and Tranquil

During the past week of 100+ degree days, we've all yearned for "cool" interiors ---- both literally and visually.  Nothing fits that bill more readily than rooms based around the currently very popular color of "spa/aqua/sky" blue.  Serene and calm, this lovely shade looks spectacular combined with white, cream, or with an added accent color of beige, brown, yellow, or green.  Below are some of my favorite rooms using this very tranquil color.

I love how the designer reversed the drapery fabric and the dust ruffle fabric, using blue first as the accent color and then as the main color.  The damask-type pattern on the duvet cover and bed curtains tie it all together.  Aren't the blue lamp shades great?

Touches of leaf green give this blue and white room some extra punch without overpowering it.

How fresh and clean this living room looks using all white slipcovers with tranquil blue walls!  By changing only the throw pillows to an accent color, you could change the look of the entire room.

Another lovely blue and white bedroom features some great architectural accents.

And below, a floral print on the chairs combining two shades of blue sets the tone for the harmonizing wall color.  But I really saved this picture for the absolutely gorgeous arrangement of orchids on the dining room table!

Some yellow accents in this living/dining room add a touch of sunshine and warmth to the otherwise cool blue and white color scheme. It also shows how versatile this pleasing color scheme can be by adding just a hint of an accent color.