Sunday, July 8, 2012

Calm, Cool and Tranquil

During the past week of 100+ degree days, we've all yearned for "cool" interiors ---- both literally and visually.  Nothing fits that bill more readily than rooms based around the currently very popular color of "spa/aqua/sky" blue.  Serene and calm, this lovely shade looks spectacular combined with white, cream, or with an added accent color of beige, brown, yellow, or green.  Below are some of my favorite rooms using this very tranquil color.

I love how the designer reversed the drapery fabric and the dust ruffle fabric, using blue first as the accent color and then as the main color.  The damask-type pattern on the duvet cover and bed curtains tie it all together.  Aren't the blue lamp shades great?

Touches of leaf green give this blue and white room some extra punch without overpowering it.

How fresh and clean this living room looks using all white slipcovers with tranquil blue walls!  By changing only the throw pillows to an accent color, you could change the look of the entire room.

Another lovely blue and white bedroom features some great architectural accents.

And below, a floral print on the chairs combining two shades of blue sets the tone for the harmonizing wall color.  But I really saved this picture for the absolutely gorgeous arrangement of orchids on the dining room table!

Some yellow accents in this living/dining room add a touch of sunshine and warmth to the otherwise cool blue and white color scheme. It also shows how versatile this pleasing color scheme can be by adding just a hint of an accent color.

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  1. soft tranquil spaces that just beckon you in.