Sunday, May 27, 2012

Decorating with Burlap

Burlap has certainly been the most popular fabric for the past two or three years at all of the Furniture and Gift Shows.  And although most of our clients aren't using it on major pieces of furniture, the pictures below show that even an accent of it can add texture and interest to almost any room.  Although it is perceived as a very casual fabric, the juxtaposition of using it in a more formal setting elevates these rooms to a new level......adding the "shabby" to the French furniture's "chic." 

As a tablecloth, the edges don't even need to be hemmed!  One of our favorite sources for large inexpensive pieces of burlap is any landscaping center --- the burlap they use to wrap the root balls of trees.  A little more loosely woven, these big pieces are a bargain, and need no seaming.

Burlap is great for outdoor entertaining, being natural enough to fit in with all of the flora and fauna.

Strips cut as ties dress "down" these chairs, and add the natural color to an otherwise all-white color scheme.

The placemats above and the valances below are burlap bags, complete with their original printing.  We have lots of assorted authentic burlap coffee bags at the shop for only $5.00 each (any remnants of coffee beans --- FREE!)......great for your smaller projects.

My first experience with burlap was in college, when my roommate and I replaced our standard dormitory room's curtains with burlap ones.  It was reasonable enough for us to be able to afford, and we didn't have to hem them!  (We subsequently got in trouble with the dean of women......Most kids in school got in trouble for drinking or staying out late ---- but we got in trouble for replacing our curtains!!!  Signs of  interior designers in the making?!?)  I still love the look of the burlap draperies above!

Cute little burlap pockets to hold the silverware would be a fast and easy project to dress up your next  luncheon table. Try adding a little burlap to your spring decorating this week!


Special of the week:  All jewelry, watches and scarves ---- 30% off May 29 through June 2.  We will be closed on Memorial Day, May 28.  HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TO ALL!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Changes


I also used a green and white linen miniature toile to line the back of my cupboard in the living room, lightening the background up here as well.  An easy afternoon project, with just a yard or two of fabric and a staple gun, you can transform a cupboard or bookshelf!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my summer changes.  Changing a rug, some throw pillows, or the accessories on your mantel can give you a real seasonal lift. We have samples of lots of great striped rugs available, as well as a bevy of beautiful new throw pillows for summer.  Stop in if you'd like some ideas on how to change your rooms for the summer ahead!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Garden Delight!

Most of us are trying our hand at gardening this time of year----I know I am just finishing the pots for my deck.  But instead of ordinary pots, why not try some of these very creative ideas for your yard, deck or patio?  Incorporate a piece of vintage furniture in your garden for added interest, or add a stone birdbath full of succulents.  Have fun with your garden!  The nice thing about gardening is that if it doesn't turn out the way you hoped, there's always next year.......

Special of the Week:  All garden statuary will be 25% off this week!  Don't miss this opportunity to add a charming accent piece to your garden or deck.

New this week:  A multitude of colorful scarves and lots of fun new jewelry---- all to accessorize your favorite Spring outfit.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Seven

Beginning this week, I'll be posting a blog every Sunday which I'm calling "Sunday Seven"-----seven photos each week.  It may be pictures of seven new items that have arrived in the shop that week; other weeks it might be seven rooms that I find particularly interesting; or maybe pictures showing seven great decorating tips or ideas.  After the photos, there will be details of an upcoming  event in the store for that week, or a weekly special.  (This will be the only place these specials will be listed.)  I won't necessarily be sending out e-mails to notify you of each post-----just know there will be one every Sunday (if you would like an e-mail reminder, you can subscribe in the box at the top of the blog, and you will be automatically notified of each new post by Feedburner).  So I hope you'll put this blog on your favorites list, and check in every week.  And now, look below for the first "Sunday Seven"!

Bringing the Beach Home!

Most of us have some seashells we've collected on vacations to ocean-side locations.  Why not use them in your summer decor, and rekindle the memories of those carefree holidays everyday? Following are a few great ideas to display your shells and coral while adding whimsy and fun to any room in your home.  Stop in the shop soon to see our "beach-y" display in the front room!

Special of the Week:  All antiques will be 10% off this week only!   Very rarely do we have a discount on antique items, and this is the last week of Paris Flea Market, so don't miss a great opportunity to purchase your favorite vintage items at 10% off.

ALSO:  This Thursday evening (May 17) is Girls Night Out, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m..  Not only will all regularly priced items be 20% off  (10% off antiques), but also everything in the Sale Room will be an additional 20% off!  Delightful summer refreshments will be served; door prizes will be given; and a great time will be had by all!  We hope to see you then.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Great Look of Garden Stools

One of my favorite new accessories is the garden stool.  For the past several years, these ceramic barrel-shaped stools have been serving as little side tables or accents in any room of the house.  Their origin?---They have been used in China for at least 1000 years!  They most likely evolved out of Buddhist garden tradition, where natural elements like tree stumps and smooth rocks were used as seats.  Typically Chinese homes were built around a courtyard, with an emphasis on landscape and gardens, and these stools were portable to be used both inside and outside.  Today they have become a popular accessory in a wide array of colors and designs.  Beside a bed, as in the pictures above and below, they become a handy place to set a book or glass (or your glasses!)

Here, three fill in the space under a sofa table, just waiting to be pulled out for extra table or seating space.

Love this fresh, spring-y green room!  And aren't the matching garden stool a charming, yet practical,  addition?

Great used on a deck or patio, these ceramic charmers are impervious to the weather (our winters excluded, of course!)


Another cut-out garden stool, used as a coffee table this time.

Two bright yellow stools act as "bunching tables" in front of this sofa.

One of my favorite places to add a garden stool ---- next to the tub for a handy place to stack extra towels!

We have several great garden stools in the store right now, and many others we can special order if you don't see a color that works in your room.  Every home needs at least one!