Thursday, April 12, 2012

Countdown to Paris Flea Market ---- Bigger and Better than Ever

It's almost here: the event we've planned for months ----- Paris Flea Market! Your favorite dealers, or as we like to call ourselves, the PFM Girls, have outdone themselves this year. We have searched far and wide for treasures that we hope will speak to you, add to your collections, inspire you, or just say "I gotta have that!"

Behind the scenes: on Friday (today) at noon, the shop will close for the transformation. Organized chaos ensues, and the end results are displays featuring various themes such as garden, cottage, industrial, traditional, etc. This year, the antiques will also be showing up in adjacent rooms, particularly the front room and the room behind the atrium. (Some will be tucked in every room.) You will want to scour the entire shop so you don't miss a thing.

What's trending: we've noticed a strong Industrial presence. Sturdy metal furniture, mechanical accents, signs of use and rust encouraged! No, your house doesn't have to look like a factory, in fact; mixing is the key here. I have a friend with a traditional home who purchased a very rusty hardware shelving unit and filled it with her collection of crystal in her dining room. The contrast of rustic and elegant makes a real statement.

Burlap is still upholstery on chair seats, old feed bags used as pillows or table runners, covering boxes or books. Again, mixing is the key. (Check out our collection of old burlap coffee bags at $5.00 each for your own projects.)

Silver is strong: "unpolished" silver, that is. The design element here is not so much that it's tarnished, but it has a wonderful patina. This type of silver mixes well with more rustic accents such as ironstone, baskets, and primitive pieces. Of course, we will always have a spot for the more traditional, elegant silver. It's a classic.

We will look forward to seeing you this Saturday ---- don't forget the shop opens at 9 a.m. for this special event. And the antiques will stay through May 12. Come early and often, look high and low.....enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

Copy written by Gwen Oldfield

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