Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book or Nook?

Oh, how we love our books! We read them for pleasure, for school, for reference, for inspiration. We cook with them, identify birds with them, look up maps in them. We decorate with them --- we stack them, we lay them on their sides, we group them by color, by topic, by size and sometimes we even put them in the bookcase backwards! Leather bound books --- classic and classy. Tiny little books ---so sweet and petite. Coffee table books --- a picture IS worth a thousand words!

Oh yes, give me a book --- the real thing. What would we do without bookstores? And libraries? How could we read a bedtime story to a child without a real honest-to-goodness picture book? I can't imagine summer without a good paperback to take to the beach. Book Clubs conjure up the book of the month in one hand, a glass of wine in the other. Book signings ---well, I've never heard of a Nook signing! And how could you highlight, turn down the corner of a page, or make a note in the margin in anything but the real thing?

Our Portobello Road Antique Market is featuring books in many ways, shapes and forms. If you share the love of books as we do, just say no to the Nook, and join us on August 20 to tell us what BOOK you're reading!

written by Gwen Oldfield

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