Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Off to Atlanta Market

Just a quick note to everyone since I haven't posted much lately. I'm off to Atlanta for the summer Gift Show, to finish up the Christmas buying, as well as begin spring, and add to all the other regular merchandise! Can't wait to find lots of exciting new things for you all!! In anticipation of new arrivals, I added many items to the sales shelves today. Stop in to check out the new bargains.

Don't forget our Girls' Night Out coming up on July 28, when we will have received some of the new merchandise already. And soon on its heels will be Portobello Road (August 20 through September 9)--- our fall antiques market. The picture above is just a hint on our theme for that event ----!

I'll update you on all the new trends when I return, and hope you have a chance to visit the shop soon.

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