Monday, February 7, 2011

Major ReArrange

We all love it when the store is completely re-arranged -----a totally new look! Many of you come in and comment "It looks like a whole new store!" or "I can't believe how different everything looks!" We love to hear comments like that, since that is exactly what we had hoped to achieve. I thought maybe you would like to see what goes on behind the scenes (and sometimes in front of the scenes!) in order for that transformation to take place.

We do what we consider a MAJOR RE-ARRANGE four times a year, and we are in the process of one of those moves this week to ready the shop for our Spring Fling, which takes place this Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The first step is to totally unload every cupboard, cabinet, shelf and major surface. The girls who are working that day spend the entire afternoon doing just that. Some of the accessories are put in basket or carriers; some are just moved to an open corner of floor space. It looks something like this:

The next step is done when the shop is closed --- an evening or a Sunday --- since it causes major traffic jams and aisles that are totally impassable. We have a master plan for placement of all of the sofas, most chairs, and large case-good pieces; the smaller end tables and misc. furniture pieces get grouped in a central spot to be selected and placed by the designer doing each room. Our "helper guys" come in, and we begin the process of moving all the large pieces (an exhausting 3-5 hour process). This part of the move always seems overwhelming, since absolutely nothing starts out where it is going to end up! And every time we start to move one piece, another large piece seems to be in the way. Imagine re-arranging your entire house at the same time!!

Russ and Jim moving lots of furniture!

The next day, our display/design team begins their magical task of putting it all together. Each designer has 2-4 rooms that she works on ---- hanging all the wall accessories; adding lamps, throw pillows and throws to each grouping; accessorizing every tabletop and cabinet ---- adding all those special details that make their rooms unique. Of course, there are always lots of new items to place, which makes this part particularly fun. The entire design process takes 4-5 days.

Alicia hanging pictures in the library

Tammi accessorizing the top of a secretary

Gwen putting the finishing touches on a cupboard

Tina carrying a box of Easter goodies to be displayed

We get lots of comments during those re-arrange weeks like ---"Your event is WHEN?!?!", "Do you think you're going to make it??", or "Oh my, you still have a lot to do!" Of course, we DO always make our deadline. However, I must admit I have a recurring nightmare that it is time to open the front doors for the Christmas Open House, and we haven't started decorating the trees yet!! (It has replaced the nightmare that many of you probably have --- the one where you are in college, at the end of the semester, and you discover there is a class you totally forgot!) But I assure you, we will be ready when you come in on Saturday, and hopefully you'll say "It looks like a whole new store!" We think you'll love Spring at Interiors Etc. See you then!


  1. Well....seeing the after pictures makes me green with envy that you have a wonderful staff of hardworkers with great decorating they even have a clue what you have in those boxes and boxes until it is time to open them....LOL!!!!

  2. Judy --you're absolutely right about my wonderful staff! Couldnt' do it without them. And they did probably see the stuff once before --when they priced it, and then repacked it till its "unveiling"!