Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Every year just before we open the doors for the Christmas Open House, we have a long-standing tradition of taking a group photo of all of our staff. I have these photos for the past thirty years, and they are a documentary of changing hairstyles, changing outfits, and sometimes changing faces. They are also one of my most treasured possessions! Every year, we say that we should make it into a Christmas card to send to all of you, our customers and clients. And every year, the season gets so frantically busy that we never get it done! So this year, since we are all appropriately dressed in red, and with not too much Christmas in view, we decided to send it to you as a Valentine. We wish you lots of love in your life for Valentine's Day. May your sweetest years be yet to come!

Back row: Gwen Oldfield, Ann Knott, Joann Germano, Bonnie DeCola, Jane Nagy, Ruth Ann Meilstrup, Barbara Habas, Tammi Yoder, Tina Tepe, Carol VanBruaene, Karla Surmacz, Judy Anderson

Front row: Marceil Yoder, Joy Newman, Denise Collins, Anne Esch, Carol Brademas, Alicia Hochstetler

Absent from picture: Trudy Knoblock

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  1. What a great idea...and everyone looks so beautiful...HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO EVERYONE!