Monday, April 22, 2013

Furnishing your Bathroom!

I've always loved putting an unexpected  piece of furniture in a bathroom.  True.... not every bathroom has room for a chaise lounge (!), but almost every bathroom has room for some accent piece, event if it's just a petite but precious little chair, or a handsome garden stool.  Below are some pictures of "bathrooms with personality" created by adding furniture you would not normally expect to find in this most private room of the house.

This old Hickory chair, along with a great cupboard and a colorful "non-bathroom" rug define this room as a well-furnished space, and not just a bathroom.

A cute little armless slipcovered chair on which to stack towels will fit in almost any typical bathroom, and adds softness to all the tile and porcelain fixtures.

Another darling little chair, this time with a mini table for the towels, adds a personal touch to this bathroom.

Love the red garden stool next to the tub!

More chairs of every style and description upgrade these bathrooms to special spaces.

Shelving pieces or cupboards not only "furnish" a bathroom, but also give you that always-needed extra space to store towels, toiletries, and miscellaneous.  Just look at the variety of cabinetry pieces used in the bathrooms below!

A fluffy fur pouf as a vanity stool together with a zebra rug give this bathroom glamourous "pizazz"!

And, in my own bathroom, a little black papier mache chair from England sits next to the tub waiting to hold a towel or my robe.

And a glass-doored corner cabinet holds extra towels on the top, and cleaning supplies behind the solid doors on the bottom.

Look at your bathroom, and see where you might tuck an unexpected piece of furniture........and give it a personality all its own!

Shop news:  Our Paris Flea Market is still going on, and will continue through May 4.  Some of the dealers have added new vintage pieces since its opening, so be sure to stop in and find something you can't live without!

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