Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fourth of July Fun!

The Fourth of July is all about casual outdoor fun.  What could be more casual than the classic bandana?  Use red, white and blue bandanas cut into pennants to string across your patio, or to line canning jars as each guest's napkin, and then fill with their silverware.  What fun for a picnic, barbecue or outdoor buffet!

Make a trifle that is not only beautifully patriotic, but most likely delicious as well!

Dip your strawberries in white chocolate, then blue "sprinkles" for a patriotic holiday treat.

Stick some small flags in your outdoor arrangements or the wreath on your door for a quick and easy Fourth of July transformation.

A glass canning jar once again becomes the star at this table setting holding a wispy arrangement, and accented with an easy-to-make paper pinwheel.

SPECIAL OF THE WEEK:  All paper plates and napkins will be 25% off now through June 20, including some cute red, white and blue ones for your holiday entertaining.  Hope to see you soon!
(We will be closed Wednesday, the Fourth of July).

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  1. Beautiful tables! The strawberry idea is brilliant! Have a delightful end of the week, Kellie xx